18 December 2016 at CCA Glasgow

You get born again in winter, in the darkest bit.

When the world’s melting and you have to decide how YOU will live in response. 

The context is a death-drive of meanness and small thinking: Trump, Brexit, terrorism, Othering, aggression and FEAR.

What to do? Where can we source hope and renewal? How can we transform the death rattle?

This programme is our offer, intended as a love that does not deny the violence or the fear. 

(But does intend to surround it):

The Doing Group – Rain is Liquid Sunshine

Jamie Wardrop – Rebirth Pool

Great Auk Collective – Circle:Cycle

ReBirth! Debate

Hellen Burrough – Fragment

Laoise – The Void

James Shearman & Rosie King – Perpetual Prism

Craig Manson – SELKIE

Tickets available from the CCA Box Office here.

UNFIX ReBirth! will be a sequelto aCOPalypse Now!, our December 2015 event. 

There’s no compass now except the one we help each other make. 

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