April 29th – May 1st 2016  

UNFIX NYC was the first collaboration between UNFIX and theatre company Ren Gyo Soh, produced by the Ume Group. Our programme was  presented at Grace & St. Paul Church, New York City and included live performance, installations and workshops (image gallery below)

Ren Gyo Soh is a Butoh dance based theatre company that shares its vision with UNFIX – one of radical performance seeking to untangle the world we live in through the lens of ecology and interdependence. We’ve been delighted to develop our relationship with them, and thrilled that they asked us to reframe their annual festival as UNFIX NYC.

UNFIX NYC looked at the issues of artistic activism and sustainability by bringing together artists who practice in different global settings. Using art and our bodies we explored what our physical sense of being alive can offer our understanding of the human self, and our ability to value and nurture our political / cultural / emotional interdependence.The connecting thread in all UNFIX events is our gut recognition that art in the 21st century is a calling to reshape how we think of ourselves. How we can love each other more? How can we stop killing the planet?
It’s been thrilling to be able to take time between UNFIX Glasgow events to conduct the next experiment in connection and BEING ALIVE in New York City. 

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