Announcing UNFIX JAPAN.

This experimental three day event is produced in association with Hijikata Tatsumi Archive (Keio University), Dance Medium and Ren Gyo Soh.

Following three successful events in Scotland and two in New York City over the last two years, we’re thrilled to be taking UNFIX to Tokyo for a first Japanese edition. We’re extra thrilled at the participation of the official Hijikata archives. Hijikata Tatsumi was the creator of Butoh Dance, an art form that had a large impact on the philosophy and practice underpinning UNFIX. There will be live performances from several butoh dancers including Hijikata’s own pupil Seisaku, as well as a symposium exploring art and activism, environmental concerns and community building through cultural practice as it exists (or could exist) in The Japan of RIGHT NOW.

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We can no longer pretend to be separate from one another.

UNFIX JAPAN フェスティバル連携プロジェクト     土方巽 最後の言葉 extra version



出演:長岡ゆり 正朔 点滅 ホンダリョウ 蜘津 Paul Michael Henry(Glasgow)  誉子(New York) Bob Lyness (Washington) 
会場:ノグチルーム(慶應義塾大学 三田)
主催・制作:Dance Medium
共催:慶應義塾大学アート・センター 土方巽アーカイヴ
      03-5427-1621 慶應義塾大学アート・センター

東京生まれ。Dance Medium主宰。バレエ、モダンダンスなどを経て舞踏の世界へ参入し、国内外で公演、ワークショップを行っている。2011年公演の「帰ル-Coming Home」にて第43回舞踊批評家協会賞受賞。

1984年土方巽に師事。故郡司正勝氏により正朔と命名。1996年まで白桃坊に在籍。2004年Dance Mediumに参加、主宰の長岡ゆりと共に演出、ワークショップを行う。第43回舞踊批評家協会賞を受賞。


舞踏:長岡ゆり 正朔
演奏:David Jones
   Dance Medium
   東京都港区三田2-12-5 (慶應義塾大学東門近く)

シンポジウム 「パフォーミングアーツの未来へ」ーUNFIX JAPAN フェスティバル連携企画

パネリスト:Paul Michael Henry 誉子
UNFIX JAPAN フェスティバルは2015年7月にポール・マイケル・ヘンリーによってスコットランドで開催されたのが始まりです。その後、同年12月にも同地で再開催されました。NYを拠点に活動するYokko(誉子)はポールの考えに刺激を受け、自身の団体、連翹奏を通し、2016年4月からNYでの開催を実現し、その後 UNFIX NYCを例年行事として定着させよとしている最中です。 UNFIX NYCにおける根本的な概念は舞踏やパフォーミングアーツを通し、エコロジーへの意識を創造することにあります。「生きる」ことへの探求、そして今後私たちがどのような社会作りをしていくかを共に考える機会です。ー誉子



UNFIX JAPAN -a festival of Performance & Ecology

A collaboration between Unfix Festival, Dance Medium and the Hijikata Tatsumi Archive (Keio University)

This event is the first Japanese edition of UNFIX, a festival begun in Scotland and the United States that looks at Ecological crisis and renewal addressed through our bodies and physical sense of living. 

UNFIX conceives individual human lives as a microcosm of the whole, and puts it to you: climate change and ecological transformation are happening inside your body, RIGHT NOW.

You can find out more about UNFIX in the following video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xlr4_A7Sqwc 

Butoh Dance is an excellent method for realising the ecological nature of our being directly in the body, and we’re excited to collaborate with Dance Medium and the Hijikata Archive to explore the similarities, differences and future possibilities of Butoh in both East and West in helping humans meet the challenges of Ecological Crisis and runaway capitalism in the 21st Century.


SUNDAY JUNE 11th 2017, 15:30
Live Performance 
Butoh Dance: Yuri Nagaoka, Seisaku 
Music: David Jones

Hosted by Cafe Du Monk 
Co-hosted by Keio University Art Center 
Brahma Kumaris (NPO) 
Dance Medium 

Venue: RyuSei In 
2-12-5, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(Near East Gate of Keio University) 

Contact: 0120-241-108 (RyuSeiIn)


MONDAY JUNE 12th 2017, 19:00
Tatsumi Hijikata: The Last Word

Performance with free admission (no need for reservation) 

Towards The Future Of Butoh Dance 

Featuring: Yuri Nagaoka, Seisaku, Tenmetsu, Ryo Honda, Chizu, Yokko (New York), Paul Michael Henry (Glasgow), Bob Lyness (Washington) 

Produced by Dance Medium
Co-produced by Kioh Gijyuku University Art Center, Hijikata Tatsumi archive 

Venue: Noguchi room (KEIO University, Mita campus) Minami Kan 5-14, Mita, Minato, Tokyo

Contact: medium0108@aol.com(Yuri Nagaoka) 
03-5427-1621 (KEIO University Art Center)

TUESDAY JUNE 13th 2017, 19:00
Symposium: Towards a future for performing Arts

Panellists: Paul Michael Henry, Seisaku, Yuri Nagaoka
Moderator: Yokko

Venue: Momozono Community Center 2F Washitsu

Context: UNFIX Festival was started by Paul Michael Henry in Glasgow, Scotland in July 2015. It’s seen three sold-out editions in Scotland since then. Yokko, a NYC based performing artist, was inspired by Paul to organize UNFIX NYC in 2016 through her organization Ren Gyo Soh. She is trying to make this an annual festival in NYC, and recently produced a highly successful 2nd edition (April 2017). From Yokko: “The concept of UNFIX NYC is creating an awareness of ecology through Butoh and Performing Arts. This is an opportunity that we can explore what is “living” and how we can create our society for not only us but future generations.”

UNFIX JAPAN: this event is the first time UNFIX and its ideas have been brought to Japan, the home of Butoh which was a major inspiration behind the formation of the festival (both Paul and Yokko are trained Butoh Dancers). We’re honoured and excited that Yuri Nagaoka and colleagues are willing to collaborate with us.

From Yuri Nagaoka: “It’s important for Butoh Dancers to relateto the society around us, and to other art forms. Butoh deals with “life” issues, and as we are connecting Body and Nature, we need to live with people in society, and society as part of nature, as well. This was always one of my concerns in making work.I When Paul and Yokko asked me to do this festival in Japan, I agreed because I wanted to explore Butoh from a different perspective, not just dancing it but sharing and exchange thoughts about it in the wider community. Lets talk frankly about Butoh, performing Arts and the society in this opportunity all together.”



Nagaoka Yuri
Born in Tokyo. Artistic Director of Dance Medium. Trained in Ballet, modern dance, and subsequently he world of Butoh. She performs and delivers workshops nationally and internationally. In 2011, she received an award from Dance Critics Society of Japan for “Kaeru -coming Home”. 

Studied under Hijikata Tatsumi since 1984. The late Masakatsu Gunji named him “Seisaku.” He belonged to Hakutohboh till 1996. He joined Dance Medium in 2004, and started directing, choreographing and teaching with Yuri Nagaoka. Recipient of an award from Dance Critics Society of Japan. 

Paul Michael Henry (Founder of UNFIX, Glasgow)
Paul Michael Henry is a performance artist whose starting points are dance, music, writing and ritual; his artistic approach blossoms out of punk rock and Butoh. He is also the Artistic Director of UNFIX Festival and teaches dance workshops called The Dreaming Body. His themes are political, social & spiritual, dealing with neglect of the body, destruction of the environment and atrophy of the soul in consumerist society. Visit his website: www.paulmichaelhenry.com

Yokko (New York City) is the founder/producing artistic director of Ren Gyo Soh, an actress, Butoh & Movement artist, Solo performer/writer, Theatre educator and certified Yoga instructor from Nagoya, Japan. She has acted in, devised and choreographed a variety of local and international shows, having won several awards, including “Best One-Woman Show” for her Butoh Medea (United Solo 2014 at Theatre Row). Butoh Medea was invited to present at United Solo Europe, Warsaw, Poland (Teatr Syrena, Warsaw, Poland), then toured to Edinburgh Festival fringe (Paradise Green), and is nominated for Asian Arts Award. Her work is deeply rooted Japanese culture, and she collaborates with local artists to blend different cultures to create new work.

Bob Lyness (Washington) comes from a theater background, but has primarily studied and performed butoh for the past twelve years, studying with Yoshito Ohno, Diego Pinon, Vangeline, Joan Laage, and others, and really considers Yoshito Ohno as his main mentor and inspiration.

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