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XR + UNFIX at Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Call for Insurgent performances and art in support of the Earth and all Life

Extinction Rebellion have invited UNFIX Festival to curate two days of performance and art at Summerhall on 23rd and 24th August 2019. This is art as activism, consciousness raising and rebellion through tackling the stories we live by.

How can art challenge society’s culture of denial?

How can art envision and enact a response to the climate and ecological emergency?

How can art engage people on a visceral level and create a collective sense of solidarity?

UNFIX is a Glasgow based festival that has been pushing at these ideas for four years, leaning towards EMBODIED art that gives up on the lie that our bodies and egos are somehow separate from the environment around us. 

We platform dance, music, film, live art and ritual aimed at Feeling Deeply climate crisis as ‘the pivotal psychological reality of our times’ (Joanna Macy). We also tackle inequality and the basic joylessness and imagination poverty of late capitalism.

You can see the most recent UNFIX programme at the following link:

You can find out more about UNFIX here:

You can read more about Extinction Rebellion here:


For XR at the Fringe, we’re looking for performances, actions and events to take place tin the basement rooms of Summerhall or in the surrounding outdoors. We’ve been promised some tech help from Summerhall and will be able to have a PA, projector and basic lighting, but please bear in mind the festival conditions and voluntary organisation of the event (more on this below). We will also try to find accommodation for programmed artists.

Applications can be sent in any medium (written / video / other), and they don’t need to be shiny. Just be as clear as you can about what your thing is. A couple of opening sentences about art form, duration and any tech or logistics involved would be a great help.

Send applications to by Monday 15th July please.


We don’t have a budget to pay artists for this event. XR is run by volunteers and UNFIX are volunteering to curate the event and support the artists. We can’t speak for the overall economics & politics of the Fringe (well, we could…), but this offering is intended as an act of devotion and outrage, from humans, offered to other humans and beyond. 

Please don’t self-exploit in a way you will be unhappy with.  We’re looking to make the most visceral programme we can from those who can afford to take part, and don’t pretend we can address the myriad intersectional inequalities involved in putting on art anywhere, let alone the Fringe. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate whatever we can. Let us know what we can do us volunteers to enable you to take part.

Finally, please don’t labour too hard over the application as we fully recognise this is one of the many ways artists get exploited. All proposals will be looked on kindly, so just get it across as clearly as you can without breaking a sweat.

If the Ecological Emergency we are living in has moved you and prompts you to offer your art in support of tackling it, then please join us.



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