aCOPalypse Now! / Birthpangs!

13 December 2015 @ CCA Glasgow 

aCOPalypse Now! / Birthpangs! was the second UNFIX event in Glasgow, a one day programme offering visions of Apocalypse to coincide with the international climate change talks in Paris. The programme information is below. Glad you were wish you were there.

The Programme

•What a Way to Go; Life at the End of Empire (film screening) *3pm*•NUMINA – This is the Way the World Ends 
•Dougie Strang – Badger Dissonance *7pm*•KOVOROX Aktion Group – Happiness is Dragon Shaped? *8pm*
•The Cosmic Dead // Sarah Glass – Jörmungandr versus The Nine *9pm*

The Context

This December the United Nations ‘COP21’ climate change negotiations take place in Paris. A large coordinated festival of Activist Art and protest is being organised globally (artcop21), and aCOPalypse Now! is our contribution to the urgency and farce of it. There are delicate and measured contributions happening elsewhere, including events throughout Artcop Scotland, so at UNFIX we’ve decided to go maximal instead: the issue of climate change poses the possibility of an actual Apocalypse of unknown proportions and threatens all life on Earth. The grief and extremity of this often feels too much to engage with, and our human capacity for denial and numbing might just be that which seals our fate. aCOPalypse Now! is a decision to be DRAMATIC about our planetary crisis, in the hope that we scare some sense into ourselves and start to act with some heart, as if life mattered more than shopping or shareholders.

Live performances, films and discussions will seek exposure to the reality of our lives as “the first generation to feel the impact of climate change, and the last to be able to do anything about it.” (Barack Obama).

This event is being very generously supported by Creative Carbon Scotland and Artcop Scotland, enabling us to make it free. 

Artist Information

What a way to Go; Life at the End of Empire (film) *3pm*

(Timothy S. Bennett, Director)

“After long decades of activism and effort, planetary ecosystems are closer to collapse than they have ever been. I can think of three basic reasons for this. First, we have largely failed to look at the whole thing at once. Second, we’ve refrained from deeply feeling our predicament. And third, we haven’t been asking the right questions of the right people.

What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire is an attempt to fill in these missing pieces. By looking at as much of the whole as we can, by creating a feeling experience of that whole, and by asking the deep questions of culture, psychology and spirit that lie at the root of our situation, it is our intention that What a Way to Go will break through the denial that has us locked in inaction.”

NUMINA – This is the Way the World Ends *5.30pm*
(Paul Michael Henry, Alessandra Campoli, Alex Mackay, Steven Anderson)


Moving Pyramids // Strange Fruit // Tantric Dance // Overconsumption // Electronic Noise // Loss And Reversal // Bodies // Spinning Tops //

A Ritual Performance going through Butoh dance and noise hypnosis to see if we can’t feel what we’ve done.

Paul and Alessandra performed at the first UNFIX Festival alongside author Alastair McIntosh in AWAKENING AN ECOLOGY OF THE IMAGINATION (click for excerpt).

Dougie Strang – Badger Dissonance *7pm*

Badger Dissonance is a  solo performance that provides an honest, sometimes funny, sometimes harrowing account of what happens when you decide to stop and bury the dead. It’s about ecology, violence and complicity; and the inherent contradictions of modern, Western culture. 

Dougie Strang is an artist, performer, and events curator for the Dark Mountain Project. 

KOVOROX Aktion Group – Happiness is Dragon Shaped? *8pm*
(Lea Cummings, Sarah Glass, FK Alexander)


“The positive ideal that we propose is Nature. That is, WILD nature: Those aspects of the functioning of the Earth and its living things that are independent of human management and free of human interference and controL. And with wild nature we include human nature, by which we mean those aspects of the functioning of the human individual that are not subject to regulation by organized society but are products of chance, or free will, or God (depending on your religious or philosophical opinions).” – Ted Kaczynski ‘Industrial Society and Its Future’

The Cosmic Dead // Sarah Glass – Jörmungandr versus The Nine *9pm*
(An apocalyptic film meditation by Sarah Glass, soundtracked by live psych rock from The Cosmic Dead)

As endtime approaches, the serpent will rise from the sea. Poison spits from its mouth, polluting the sky and spoiling the oceans. Land becomes ravaged; famine, plague and pestilence. Massive bleeding, shock and death.

As above, so below, as within, so without.

As toxins spread, the mind becomes fevered. Infernal visions: smoke/mirrors/cruelty. Fire and Ice. The repetition of past lives flashing before the eyes. Technological nougat, the rush to pulp the brain in the name of entertainment. The offspring of the woman will crush the head of the snake.

We are the Gaderene Swine.



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